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The Differences Between Nominal Pressure, Test Pressure and Working Pressure
Posted: 03/01/2017 16:36:56  Hits: 3500
1. Nominal pressure
(1) Nominal pressure-the compressive strength of the product at the reference temperature.
(2) Reference temperature: different materials have different reference temperatures. For example, the reference temperature of steel is 250 °C.
(3) Nominal pressure 1.0Mpa, recorded as: PN 1.0Mpa

2. Test pressure
(1) The pressure of strength test of the product.
(2) Test pressure 4.0Mpa, recorded as: Ps 4.0 Mpa.

3. Working pressure
(1) Pressure of pipes and fittings under normal conditions.
(2) t times 10 equal the maximum working temperature of the product.
(3) The maximum temperature of the medium 300 °C, working pressure 10Mpa, recorded as: P 30 10Mpa.

4. The relationship between test pressure, nominal pressure and working pressure: Ps> PN> Pt
The nominal pressure of the valve refers to the design work pressure of the valve, the pressure level is classified according to the standard.
The working pressure of the valve is the actual pressure in application environment and should be less than the nominal pressure of the valve.