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Specified Bellow Globe Valves Used for Chlorine
Posted: 08/17/2016 15:46:34  Hits: 111
In petroleum, chemical engineering, pharmacy, fertilizer, power and other industries, chlorine is usually used as oxidizing agent for its excellent oxidability. Meanwhile, chlorine is also rejected for its hypertoxicity. So, for the valves used for chlorine, what kinds of valves should be chosen by users, ensuring non-leakage and safe transportation of chlorine and liquid chlorine?

Specified bellow globe valves have excellent sealing property when used for connecting or cutting off media inside pipeline. Therefore, specified bellow globe valves are often used to transmit chlorine, liquid chlorine and other toxic media, ensuring zero leakage. Bellow globe valve is appropriate for pipeline containing chlorine, liquid chlorine, phosgene and chlorsilane whose nominal pressure ranges from PN1.6~4.0MPa (150LB~600LB), and working temperature is -46~425℃, in petroleum, chemical engineering, pharmacy, fertilizer, power and other industries, used to connect or cut off media in pipeline.

Specified bellow globe valves for chlorine adopts unique design of bellow sealing, completely eliminating leakage of packing sealing on valve stem, meeting the requirements for the severest leakage level.

1. Bellows inside cavity is used as complete isolation.
2. Padding inside stuffing box is used as accessories. Inlet bellow globe valve having features of zero leakage highly improves security of equipment, saving large amounts of energy and reducing repairing cost. It also provides clean and safe work environment in industrial application. For common bellow globe valves. Bellows are inside cavity of body. Media inside pipeline directly impact bellow. And bellows are easily damaged, causing leakage which cannot be used for sealing any more. Bellows of improved valves are improved inside bonnet. The bellows are effective protected from being washed by media and damaged by impurities in media. Connection includes flange, butt welding and socket welding. Pressure class can reach as high as PN40, ANSI300 and Class 600. Materials of body used for chlorine or liquid chlorine use low temperature corrosion resistant steel (LB/LF2). Bellows are made of stainless steel containing titanium or hastelloy (C276). The disc is made of LF2+PTFE or STL.

Specified bellow globe valves cannot only be used for chlorine media containing chlor-alkali, polycrystalline silicon, PVC, epoxypropane and titanium tetrachloride, also can be used for high dangerous fluids in industry.

Specified Bellow Globe Valves Used for Chlorine