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Some Notes of Packing
Posted: 12/02/2015 16:18:09  Hits: 263
Some Notes of Packing:
1. Packing filler should be cut with a 45-degree incision and each incision shifted 180 degrees when installation.
2. When using V-shaped PTFE packing in high pressure, you need to pay attention to the occurrence of cold flow.
3. Use molding flexible graphite packing ring alone will reduce its sealing performance. Therefore, in combination with flexible graphite braided packing is a good choice, generally with braided packing up and down and flexible graphite packing ring in the middle.
4. Graphite packing is easy to corrode stainless steel stem, specially the stem 410 (13Cr). So, you’d better to choose the packing which has inhibitor inside.
5. The vacuum valve is recommended to use the V-shaped Teflon packing with two combinations of packing and a spacer ring in the middle so as to avoid the media out.
Some Notes of Packing