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Electric sec moviess for Mining in Environmental Protection
Posted: 05/26/2021 09:12:27  Hits: 16
What are electric gate valves?
When it comes to the electric gate valve, in fact, this kind of equipment needs to be used in many industries or fields. As a matter of fact, we will find that the electric gate valve in our industrial production industry is still widely used. It is very popular.
If we want to introduce the electric gate valve from the structure, we will find that this kind of gate can be divided into two kinds of materials. However, the gate valve used in many industries now is mainly actually this kind of electric gate valve.
This is because the advantages and advantages of using electric gate valve are also very obvious. There are a lot of demands for this kind of electric gate valve in the market. At the same time, there are many industries needing this product.
Of course, recently we've also found that there are more and more electric gate valve manufacturers. In fact, we can see that this product still has a very good market.
With the continuous development of the industrial economy in recent years, the environmental impact assessment has implemented the analysis, prediction and evaluation mechanism for the design and construction projects. It introduced the management system of total amount control of pollution sources, and the emission of pollution sources were strictly controlled. Once it is confirmed that the phenomenon of over total amount occurs, the staff will immediately close the electric gate valve for mining through the remote end of the total pollution source system so as to prevent the pollution source from further dispersing, which provides an automatic solution for the environment.
The electric gate valve for mining is a combination of actuators and control valves in automatic control systems. Its function in the automatic control systems is to accept the signal announced by the conditioner, regulate the flow of the process medium with its position and characteristics in the process pipeline, and then control it within the range required by the production process. It consists of intelligent electric actuators and gate valves. The controller sends the current signal to the electronic control equipment. The electronic control equipment controls the valve opening to a certain position through the rotation of the actuator. When the actuator turns the valve opening to a certain position, the resistance value of the sliding rheostat at the corresponding position is converted into current or voltage signal by the detection unit, and the control information is compared after reaction. This series of conditioning units are called conditioning units.
In the use of electric gate valves for mining, gears and shaft joints need to be lubricated. If the valve has not been moved for a long time,  the slow step-by-step opening and closing operation needs to be carried out. It not only avoids the motor stuck phenomenon, but also maintains that the valve body will not be worn due to excessive force.