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Differences Between Globe Valves and sex chiness - Part One
Posted: 04/22/2021 11:41:55  Hits: 18
Many kinds of valves like globe valves, gate valves, butterfly valves, check valves and ball valves are indispensable control components in various pipeline systems. Each valve is different in appearance, structures and even functions.
However, there are some similarities between the globe valve and the gate valve in appearance, and both of them have the function of cutting off in the pipeline. Therefore, many friends who do not have much contact with the valve will confuse them. In fact, if you observe carefully, the difference between globe valves and gate valves is quite big.
We will introduce the difference between globe valves and gate valves in this article.
Differences in structures
When the installation space is limited, special attention should be paid to the selection. The gate valve can be tightly closed with the sealing surface by the medium pressure, so as to achieve the effect of no leakage. When we open and close it, the sealing surface of valve cores and valve seats always contact and rub with each other. The sealing surface is easy to wear. When the gate valve is close to being closed, the pressure difference between the front and back of the pipe is very large, which makes the wear of sealing surface more serious.

The structure of gate valves will be more complex than that of globe valves. From the appearance, the gate valve is higher than the globe valve, and the globe valve is longer than the gate valve under the same caliber. In addition, the gate valve has rising rods and non rising rods, while there are no rising rods and non rising rods in the globe valve.
Differences in working principles
When the globe valve is opened and closed, it is a rising stem type. That is to say, when the hand wheel is turned, the hand wheel will rotate and rise and fall along with the valve stem. The gate valve is to rotate the hand wheel to make the valve stem rise and fall, and the position of the hand wheel itself remains unchanged. The flow rate is different. The gate valve is required to be fully open or fully closed, while the globe valve is not required. The inlet and outlet directions of the globe valve are specified. The inlet and outlet directions of the gate valve are not required.
In addition, the gate valve only has two states, which are full open and full closed. The stroke of gate opening and closing is very large, and the opening and closing time is long. The movement stroke of the valve plate of the globe valve is much smaller, and the valve plate of the globe valve can stop at a certain place in the movement to adjust the flow. The gate valve can only be used for cutting off without other functions.